Amazing results for Donegal Daily Readers Hair Colour Makeover. Our talented team carried out 24 Complimentary Colour Make Overs on Sunday and the results were absolutely amazing.

Our models were brilliant, so patient, great fun and open to change with one lady having a six hour colour process that totally transformed her hair and the end result was an absolutely stunning steel grey.

Although the day was all about Colour Transformations, Patrick surprised a few models and enhanced their look even further with a beautiful signature cut.

The day was a resounding success with some fantastic feedback from our models.

Model Feedback

Christine: “I had a wonderful time in at the salon on Sunday. The girls were all fantastic as usual, Pat was chatty, welcoming & professional & Andrew Dunne was great craic – a colour genius! I’m thoroughly happy with my colour. Thank you”

Audrey: “LOVED every minute of the experience in the salon! It was a great eye opener into the whole world of colouring. Andrew was very direct in his approach & I appreciated & liked that.  The rapport between him & the stylists was great & the discussions about colours was actually entertaining. While there were different levels of stylists there, each & every one of them were open to his suggestions but also not afraid to question why he was using a particular colour, even the more experienced stylists. I felt very lucky having Rachel work on my hair. She was friendly & she so obviously loves her job. The feedback Andrew gave to her as she was working showed that she is most definitely an artist at work & not just a hairdresser. I was so happy with my hair colour. I went in looking brassy & came out classy!! I will be honest in that I have always thought your salon was a bit pricey BUT when I saw the finished product yesterday I realise that it’s worth paying a bit extra for quality.  As Andrew said to the girls yesterday they are not packet hairdressers, they are artists & that’s the difference between your salon & others. I have had such positive comments about my hair since yesterday. I will definitely be returning to Rachel when I need a colour again. Thanks so much to everyone for a great morning!”

We also received some wonderful feedback from Andrew Dunne “It is always a pleasure to come to Donegal and work with the exceptionally talented team at Patrick Gildea Hairdressing, they are not ordinary hairdressers, they are hair artists and leading professionals in their field. I am never left disappointed with the display of talent and standards that I see when I am here. The models were excellent today and I have to say everyone really enjoyed the whole experience from beginning to end. I can’t wait to come back and work with this team again in the future.”

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