25 years of Quality & Excellence

The Patrick Gildea Hairdressing Team in Donegal are synonymous with quality & excellence in innovative hairdressing. What does that mean for you? We listen to you because we care, our promise to you is to provide you with the perfect experience so that you look good and feel good.

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The Premier Hairdresser in Donegal

When you choose the Patrick Gildea Hairdressing Team to look after you, you’re choosing a group of people who are passionate about giving you the highest standard of hairdressing you’ll find not only in the North West but in the whole of Ireland.

This passion has built a national reputation for fantastic Colour Correction Service and On Trend Colour Techniques. This means if you want to add colour to your individually designed, precision haircut, you couldn’t be in safer hands.

Booking Your ‘In Depth Consultation’

You’ll be pleased to know that the foundation of everything the whole team offers you is an ‘In Depth Consultation’.

The confidence and connection this creates between you and your stylist has to be experienced to be believed!

This is an incredible experience because we know how to ask questions that get to the heart of what you really want and listen very carefully to what you have to say.

Our ‘In Depth Consultations’ are so special you need to make an appointment to get one!

Adding Colour To Your Life

Clients often tell us that Colour brings their cut alive AND it has the power to change how they feel about themselves. We hear comments like “It’s taken years off me” or “I feel like me again” all the time!

The reason why you experience feelings like these when you embrace colour in your hair is simple. We combine the knowledge we have from listening to you with our advanced colour products and techniques to create a unique individual result that truly is an expression of you.

Even if you have sensitive skin we can look after you by using the kindest Colour on the market Koleston Perfect Innosense. The first ever professional hair colour brand formulated with ME+, a revolutionary new dye molecule which offers a reduced risk of developing allergy* but with full colour performance.

Underpinning our reputation as colour experts is our education structure. Every single one of our stylists is a certified Master Colour Technician (MCT). This qualification is recognised as one of the industry’s most prestigious awards and the Patrick Gildea Hair Dressing Team, Donegal are the only people who can offer you the security of this level of education in the North West.

Creating Your Signature Cut

Colour may bring your cut alive, but only if you’ve got the right cut for your head shape, bone structure and hair texture in the first place!

By now you won’t be surprised to learn that we take as much time and care educating our stylists as Masters Cutters as we do giving you world class colouring.

This means we can give every haircut a signature. This is our way of saying your cut will always be created for you as an individual.

We can do Crafted, Sculpted, Classic, Timeless, Cheeky or Elegantly Understated and your ‘In Depth Consultation’ guarantees you a haircut that compliments your face shape, your personality and your lifestyle.

What more could you want to make you feel special!

Your Perfect Experience

Our promise to you is simple. “From the moment we welcome you, your experience will be perfect.”.

A perfect experience could mean many things of course, but to us it stands for seeing you as a unique individual, taking the time to understand who you are and what you want, then making sure you get it.

Delivering on our promise is something we take seriously, so we do more than train and reward great hairdressing skills, we continuously train and reward great customer service as well.

This all adds up to a team who are passionate about serving you … and it shows!