Noreen Gallagher

Noreen, who hails from Donegal Town, is now living in Letterkenny.

She has been part of the team for 19 years and has progressed to become a team leader.

Noreen has grown up in the company to become a respected Artistic Director, directing her passion into her cutting.

She is well respected by staff for her teamwork and by clients for her talent.

She loves making people feel good about their hair and loves the company ethos of continuous training and setting the highest standards in the industry.

Noreen still loves to socialise but at a slower speed now as her young son Oisin gets her up early in the morning!

Noreen is also a fully Qualified Master Colour Expert Technician which is one of the highest colour merits in the world.

Her favourite movie is Prisoners and she loves walking.

Quick Profile

  • Role: Artistic Director

  • Experience: 19 years

  • Qualifications: Master Colour Technician

Passionate about cutting. She loves making people feel good about their hair…