The Preparation

The Preparation

Wedding Day Preparation

The Countdown to your Wedding Day!

Now is the time to get some wonderful ideas of what you would like to achieve for your big day.

12 Months to go is a great starting point for you, now is the time to get some wonderful ideas of what you would like to achieve for your big day.

We will assist you by creating your own personalised hair journey that will ensure that your hair exquisite on your wedding day. Now is the time to start collecting pictures of what you like so that you can share your ideas with us so that we can understand what your dream look entails.


Hair Colour & Cut

Our advice is to give yourself plenty of time for any radical changes such as growing your hair longer or changing your colour. We suggest regular salon visits every 6 weeks to ensure that your hair is in perfect condition for your big day.

Hair Condition

We cannot emphasise enough at how important the condition of your hair will play on your wedding day.
That is why we advise that you start thinking on the condition now, not only by regular salon visits but also the type of home hair care products that you are using on a daily basis. We can prescribe the perfect personalised home hair care solution which will make sure that your hair and scalp are getting exactly what they need. We may need to find solutions for super fine hair or unruly frizz. If your hair is a little damaged from overuse of heated appliances such as strengtheners and hair dryers, now is the time to start an intense treatment programme personalised to your needs.

The Countdown Begins!

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9 months to go... Now it the time for you to get really inspired!

Make a scrap book or use one of the online tools such a Pinterest to create a moodboard, full of visuals of what you would like for your wedding day. Images of themes, colour schemes flowers and table settings as well as hair and make-up ideas will make your planning come alive.

Aim to perfect your usual look for your wedding day rather than do something radical, but if you’re thinking of experimenting with a new colour or cut, now is the time to do it so that there’s time to change it if there something else that you would prefer. Show us a few pictures and we will offer professional advice on how you will achieve a look that will compliment you and fit with your wedding theme.

It is important that you get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks – even if you’re trying to grow it – and continue with your treatment and conditioning plan.

6 months to go...

Your big day is getting closer and with only 6 months to go it’s now time to trial your wedding hairstyle with your dedicated bridal stylist.

To achieve the most realistic trial possible it is important that you bring any wedding hair accessories to your appointment. Don’t forget our aim is to create the best version of you that is possible, to create a look that compliments you and your wedding theme, we can offer as many hair trials as you want until you find a look that is perfect.

We advise washing and drying your hair the morning of the trial – this allows your stylist to use the appointment time fully creating your personal look.


12 weeks to go...

With 12 weeks to go the big event is now giving you butterflies, everything is falling perfectly into place. Refining the condition and style of your hair is so important. Now is the time to think about Colour, Cut and Condition of your hair. Visit your stylist to ensure that your hair will be ready for the big day!

6 weeks to go...

With only six weeks to go things are really coming together. Your hair is looking beautiful and we want to make sure that it stays perfect, we will colour, cut and condition your hair so that it is photo ready for your big day!

3 weeks to go...

With only three weeks to go you are extremely excited and anxious that everything will go perfectly. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about the condition of your hair; its ready for your close up, all you need is a trim and a luxurious conditioning treatment!

10 days to go...

There is a mix of nerves and excitement as you count down the days to your wedding. We will colour and recap your trial as if it is the morning of your wedding to give you peace of mind. Would you like Champagne or prefer something Non-Alcoholic? Just let us know and we will take care of it. This is your day, we are privileged to be part of it and by the way… look stunning!

The Big Day!

This is your day and we will provide you with whatever you need, if you want us to open early, come to your home, provide breakfast or a private area in the salon it is no problem.

Get Your Full Experience


The Perfect Experience

Find out more about how we can you make you look & feel amazing for your big day. The perfect bridal experience starts here…

Bridal Tips

Wedding Hair Top Tips!

Follow these tips to ensure that all your preparations go smoothly, we want your experience to be perfect when the big day finally arrives!

Prices & Packages

Prices & Packages

Pricing is designed so that it is personalised to you; it is based on time allocated which gives you the flexibility to choose what you really want.

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