Wedding Hair Tips

Wedding Hair Tips

You Will Never Go Wrong

A few little tips from our experience that will help ensure all your preparations go smoothly and you will be ready when the big day finally arrives!

Book Early

Don’t underestimate how important your hair is on your wedding day, remember it can make or break your look. It is so important to book your appointment early so that you can work on perfecting not only your style but the colour, condition and shine of your hair too!

Be Honest

The less you have to worry about the morning of your wedding the better and that is why we encourage you to be honest with your stylist, let them know what you like and dislike and be honest about what makes you happy. You want to be comfortable with your look and remember that sometimes less is more.

Be Practical

When choosing your hair accessories try to be practical, if you choose a veil that is heavy it may flatten your hair for the reception. If you have chosen a hair piece it is important that you bring it with you to your trial as we may have to create your hairstyle to fit with the accessory. Also keep your photographs in mind as some styles will cover your face!


Get Your Full Experience


The Perfect Experience

Find out more about how we can you make you look & feel amazing for your big day. The perfect bridal experience starts here…


The Preparation

Want to look exquisite on your big day? Learn more about the process leading up to your wedding to ensure you have the perfect wedding hair.

Prices & Packages

Prices & Packages

Pricing is designed so that it is personalised to you; it is based on time allocated which gives you the flexibility to choose what you really want.

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