Regular Clients Children & Student Discount

Discounts available for everyone & special deals for regular clients.

We would like to advise parents to schedule their children’s appointments during this time as appointments carried out on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be charged full price.

We would like to inform parents that young adults and children under 16 must be
accompanied by an adult during their appointment.

This will ensure that any parents opinions will be discussed during the consultation process.

Children under 12

To show our appreciation to our regular clients we offer their children a discount on a Tuesday and Wednesday with our Style Directors, Designers and Stylists.

You will be pleased to know that Children under 12 receive a 50% discount on adult pricing.

Full price applies to our Artistic Directors and Creative Director.

To avail of our regular client children’s discount parents must have 5 salon visits in 12 months, if not full price applies.

Children aged 12 - 16

Children aged 12-16 receive a 25% discount on adult pricing on a Tuesday and Wednesday with our Stylists, Designers and Style Directors.

Your Adults aged 16 - 18

On a Tuesday and Wednesday, young adults aged between 16-18 receive a 10% discount off adult prices.

3rd Level Students

We are delighted to offer Students a 10% discount Tuesday to Saturday with our talented team of Designers, Style Directors, and Artistic Directors.

Students must present a valid Student ID card.