Hair Pieces

Hair Pieces

30 years Experience

If you’re at a point in your life when you need the emotional support of a hair piece then talk to us in complete confidence.

At Patrick Gildea Hairdressing you can be reassured to know that we can offer you more than 30 years experience in supplying and fitting hair pieces for medical conditions such as alopecia and chemotherapy.

We understand the crucial difference wearing the right one can make to how confident you feel, so you can trust us to look after you in a caring and empathetic way. Once we feel we truly understand what you’re looking for, we can explain the various options you have and help you make the choice you’re going to be most comfortable living with. Making the right choice is only the beginning of a successful relationship with your hair piece or wig because as anyone who has lived with one can tell you, a personalised fitting process and ongoing aftercare service are just as important.


Call Us for Private Consultation

If you’d like to arrange a confidential private consultation to find out more call us on 074 91 25476 and we’ll invite you to our specially created consultation room where we can get to know you, how you live your life and any special considerations you want us to take into account.

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