A Pricing Structure to help you Choose

The pricing structure is designed to give you even more value from the experience and expertise of the Patrick Gildea Hairdressing Team.

We have introduced a new tiered pricing structure so that you can recognise and value the benefits of experience and we can reward it appropriately as well.

To help you choose what you value most we thought you’d like us to define the pricing tiers for you.

Please note that we are unable to carryout any service on individuals with hair extensions as our insurance company does not cover us for this type of service. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope that you understand.

At Patrick Gildea Hairdressing we carefully choose who joins our team.

Once we have chosen someone to join our team they embark on a rigorous skills and personal development training program that literally never ends.

This means you can relax in the knowledge that the basic foundation of talent, design and technical competence will always be present in every qualified member of our team.

As our development program is never ending it will be obvious that those team members who have been with us longer will inevitably have more to offer and this additional experience will be reflected in the value they can give you.


When you choose a stylist you know this is someone who’s completed a rigorous 4 year training program in our in house academy.

We only accept exceptional people and if they’ve earned the right to be called a Stylist you can be certain you’re in safe hands.


If you’re someone who recognises the value of experience you’ll recognise the value in paying a little extra for one of our Designers.

Your designer will have completed a minimum of two years additional training.

They will have proven themselves expert in the art of listening and customer service by building a large and loyal following.

They will also have become a fully qualified colour technician by passing our Master Colour Programme.

Style Director

If you choose a Style Director at Patrick Gildea Hairdressing you’re choosing someone who’s proven by their achievements and track record in the salon that they are worth investing a little extra in, because of what they give you in return.

You know this is true because Patrick watches the development of his team very closely. He’s looking for that extra spark of leadership, commitment and passion that burns consistently in some individuals and he rewards their ability to give you more, at an even higher level, with the title of Style Director.

Artistic Director

When you choose an Art Director to look after you, you’re making a statement about who you are.

After years of intensive training the Patrick Gildea Art Directors have earned the right to work directly with Patrick to create and deliver the standards the salon has become famous for.

As a client your choice says you appreciate the difference their experience makes!

Creative Director

When only the best will do, you need our Creative Director Patrick Gildea.

For 25 years Patrick has built an international reputation as an artist in hair. This means he can help you express yourself through your hair and in a way that redefines what’s possible.

It’s been suggested that you’d have to go to Dublin, London, Paris or New York before you’d find another hairdresser who can deliver a comparable experience.